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Conference:July 2020

B & A Warehouse - Birmingham, Al


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Our Conference


Welcome to the Alabama Educator Family

The Summer 2019 conference was an exclusive event for Alabama Educators! We  built a team of dynamic presenters who currently teach or have taught right here in Alabama. We spent the day together in the "brick room" & enjoyed all the sessions together! Our presenters  designed creative sessions full of practical applications that can be used at any grade level. 

To make this even more of a VIP Event, we  provided breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack from the amazing caterers at B&A Warehouse. 

If you have any questions, you can reach us using the "Contact Us" area. We will be more than happy to answer your questions!

Are you ready? 

Registration will open Fall 2019. Go invite all of your teacher friends! This is sure to be an unforgettable day!

“alabama teacher professional development”

Our Vision



 We value the importance of providing rigorous content. However, there are numerous obstacles that stand in the way of us planning & providing that rigor each day. Let's learn together how to dominate in the classroom & take the rigor to new heights! Join Alabama teachers for this amazing professional development opportunity.


RELATIONSHIPS FIRST! You have heard and maybe even said it BUT we all know the truth is the daily "S

 RELATIONSHIPS FIRST! You have heard it and maybe even said it BUT we all know the truth is the daily "Stuff" often takes priority. Let's learn from one another and  make relationships a "non-negotiable" in our schools & classrooms! 



We are not here to sugar coat what really goes on inside our classroom - let's be real! Let's address those difficult topics and issues....THEN let's make a game plan for overcoming each and every one of these with a SMILE!!!! 

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